36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (2024)

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to dive into some heartfelt crafting with your kids. It’s a day dedicated to showing appreciation and love for moms, grandmothers, and maternal figures in our lives, and what better way to express these feelings than with homemade Mother’s Day crafts?

These activities not only provide a meaningful gift but also offer a wonderful opportunity for families to spend quality time together. From toddlers to teens, everyone can participate in making something special that comes straight from the heart for Mom.

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (1)

If your kids are like mine, they love to craft! As soon as they realize that a holiday is coming up, they are in the craft closet gathering all the supplies that they could ever need for the project! Around Mother’s Day, you can almost guarantee that I will get my fair share of Mother’s Day crafts from the kids because they want to show me just how much they love me!

Of course, I love all the creations that they come up with on their own, but some of them are pretty inventive, to say the least. That is why sometimes I give the littles a helpful hint with some fun Mother’s Day crafts that I would love to receive. I have scoured the internet recently to find these fun crafts for moms that you may just love as much as me!

Incorporating crafts into your Mother’s Day celebration can also serve as a learning experience for your kids. It’s an opportunity to talk about the importance of showing appreciation and expressing love for the people we care about.

You can discuss the history of Mother’s Day and why we celebrate it, making the crafting experience not only fun but also educational. Encouraging your children to think about what makes their mom or grandmother special to them can inspire their craft ideas, making the gifts truly personalized and heartfelt.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready to create some memorable Mother’s Day crafts that will surely bring smiles and maybe even a happy tear to the wonderful moms in your life. With a dash of creativity and a lot of love, these crafts will build special bonds between mothers and their children, making this Mother’s Day one to remember.

Supplies To Have On Hand To Make Mother’s Day Crafts

Crafting for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated or require expensive materials.

With some simple supplies like paper, paint, glue, and a sprinkle of creativity, you and your kids can create beautiful, personalized gifts.

Think of handmade cards, picture frames decorated with love, or even a homemade jewelry box. These crafts allow children to express their creativity and put their personal touch on their gifts, making them all the more special for the moms in their lives.

Fun and Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (2)

Handprint Flower Craft by Frosting and Glue
Handprint Flamingo by Frosting and Glue
Heart Handprint Craft by Frosting and Glue
Mom’s are Like Buttons Printable by Making Manzanita

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (3)

Moisturizing Bath Bombs by Good Life Eats
Interchangeable Floral Door Hanger by Huckleberry Life
DIY Sugar Scrub by The Fresh Cooky
Thumbprint Flower Mason Jar Candle Holder by The Craft at Home Family

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (4)

Make a DIY Bookmark by Lovely Indeed
Framed Paper Peony Flowers with Cricut by Sustain My Craft Habit
Free Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft by Loving Homeschool
Alphabet Photo Frame Craft by Best Toys 4 Toddlers

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (5)

DIY Mother’s Day Cards: Heart Fingerprint by Kiddy Charts
Mother’s Day Bookmark Watercolor Project by Projects with Kids
Printable Mother’s Day Gift Box by Party with Unicorns
Home is Where the Heart is Magent Popsicle Stick Craft by Darcy and Brian

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (6)

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea by The Purple Yarn
Mother’s Day Painted Rock Craft by Projects with Kids
Hands and Photo Heart Keepsake by Teach Me Mommy
Popsicle Stick Picture Frame by 5 Minutes for Mom

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (7)

How to Turn a Note or Drawing Into Framed Art by Where the Smiles Have Been
DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas by Brooklyn Berry Designs
DIY Mason Jar Candles by Happiness is Homemade
Mother’s Day Card Craft by Moms and Crafters

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (8)

DIY Mother’s Day Handprint Cards Kids Can Make by The Purple Yarn
Handprint Flower Tote Bag by Creative Ramblings Blog
Make a Keepsake Baby Hand Print Love Sign by Our Crafty Mom
Handprint Flower Pot by Where The Smiles Have Been

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (9)

Handprint Photo Frames by Seaside Sundays
Mother’s Day Handprint Poem by Mom Hack 101
Free Mother’s Day Printable Cards by Crafting a Lovely Life
Free Mother’s Day Printable Card by Crafts Kids Love

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (10)

Mother’s Day Card Ideas Templates by Conservamome
Easy Mother’s Day Crafts by Splendry
DIY Mother’s Day Scented Candle by Saving you Dinero
Mother’s Day Brave Inspired DIY Flower by 4 The Love of Food Blog

Pin these Mother’s Day Crafts to make later!

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (11)

36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (12)



36 Fun & Easy Mother's Day Crafts (2024)


What can I do to make Mother's Day special? ›

The 60 Best Mother's Day Ideas
  1. 1 Give her flowers.
  2. 2 Make her a card.
  3. 3 Write her a letter.
  4. 4 Bring her breakfast in bed.
  5. 5 Serve “mom”-osas.
  6. 6 Make her a playlist.
  7. 7 Watch a movie together.
  8. 8 Plan a TV series binge together.

How can I make her first Mother's Day special? ›

You can give her a photo frame where you can put a photo of your family. You can also give her some gifts which do not cost a penny: spend some quality time with her and participate with her in the activities she could not do during her pregnancy, like snowboarding or cycling or swimming.

What should kids make for Mother's Day? ›

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids
  • Mother's Day Bear Craft. Mother's Day Bear Craft. The Best Ideas for Kids. ...
  • Handprint Flower Bouquet. Handprint Flower Bouquet. The Best Ideas for Kids. ...
  • 1:22. Tea & Coffee Mother's Day Cards. Tea & Coffee Mother's Day Cards. ...
  • Mother's Day Coloring Pages. Mother's Day Coloring Pages.

What are the top three most popular Mother's Day gifts? ›

According to RetailMeNot, flowers, chocolate and gift cards are the most popular Mother's Day gifts.
  • Author: Anna Meyer.
  • Published: 9:22 AM EDT May 6, 2022.
  • Updated: 9:22 AM EDT May 6, 2022.
May 6, 2022

What is the most popular gift purchased on Mother's Day? ›

1. Flowers. Flowers are some of the best Mother's Day gifts for two simple reasons: They're traditional and can spruce up any household.

How to make Mother's Day special without money? ›

If you're looking for more low-cost ideas, or even no-cost but memorable ways to celebrate mom, here are some suggestions.
  1. Give the mom in your life some free time.
  2. Take your mom for a walk.
  3. Binge-watch a favorite TV show together.
  4. Do a chore for your mom.
  5. Take your mom out to lunch.
  6. Make your mom lunch.
May 3, 2023

What do moms like on Mother's Day? ›

Dear families, we don't need anything elaborate. Just quality time with you—and maybe without you, too. Yes, it's lovely to open a thoughtful present on Mother's Day, and a handwritten card always hits the spot. But if you ask us, the ultimate gift is not having to plan a thing or fight everyone's phones for attention.

What do moms love for Mother's Day? ›

Here is what moms really want for Mother's Day.
  • Freedom! They want a day of freedom. ...
  • Time With Family. This one is big for my wife. ...
  • A Day Free Of Duty. Our wives and moms handle a million details every day. ...
  • To Be Pampered. ...
  • To Do Something New. ...
  • Acknowledgment.

What is the secret behind mother's day? ›

Evidence suggests that the original idea was for a “Mothers' Day” — a day for mothers, plural, not a day for one's own mother — on which mothers would get together for a day of service to help out other mothers who were less fortunate than they were, according to Katharine Lane Antolini, an assistant professor of ...

What to do if you forgot mothers day? ›

Missed Mother's Day? Here are 5 ways to make up for it
  1. A day at the spa. Moms are always busy with chores at home. ...
  2. A nice family dinner. Mothers always love it when the family is together, especially over a meal. ...
  3. Take her shopping. ...
  4. Arrange for someone to clean the house. ...
  5. Go on a little vacation.
Jun 29, 2019

What should husband do for first mother's day? ›

Discover Interesting First Mother's Day Gifts from husband

Prepare a warm, luxurious bath with calming essential oils or a bath bomb, and have a cozy bathrobe and soft towels ready. While she enjoys her pampering session, take over baby duty to ensure she has some uninterrupted relaxation time.

What gift can you make for your mom? ›

Put together a chic gift basket for your mom filled with bread, olive oil, vinegar, other assorted goodies. If you're into baking, you can make the bread yourself for an extra personal touch.

What to make for mommy? ›

Home Decor DIY Mother's Day Gifts
  1. Canvas Prints. Give an unforgettable gift, like a stunning canvas print that she will treasure for years to come. ...
  2. Outdoor Throw Pillows. ...
  3. Photo Coasters. ...
  4. Photo Jigsaw Puzzles. ...
  5. Outdoor Decor. ...
  6. Custom Candles. ...
  7. Photo Tile Wall Art. ...
  8. Fleece Photo Blankets.
Apr 18, 2024

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