Elgato Sound Capture – Fix Couldn't Initialize Elagto Audio Record (2024)

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How to record gameplay videos while hearing sound on your speaker at the same? Elgato Sound Capture is a well-known brand among game players, which includes PC audio into your streams or recordings. If you cannot find sound when streaming or recording gameplay or need to hear the live Skype dialogue and conversations, here is the ultimate guide about how to use Elgato Sound Capture, troubleshooting the "Elgato Sound Capture not working" problem, and its best alternative to capture HD sound.

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  • Part 1: Elgato Sound Capture Introduction and Review
  • Part 2: How to Fix Elgato Sound Capture not Working Issue
  • Part 3: Best Elgato Sound Capture Alternative for Screencast

Part 1: Elgato Sound Capture Introduction and Review

1. What is Elgato Sound Capture?

Elgato Sound Capture is an audio recorder tool for PC users and available to screen stream and record, especially for game videos. Here are some excellent features you should know.

  1. Hear the live dialog and chats when taking a video or audio call.
  2. Add background music files for sharing your favorite gaming playlist.
  3. Capture all audio files when capturing gameplay without extra apps.
  4. Record the conversations from TeamSpeak, Discord, and more.

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2. Elgato Sound Capture Review


  1. Elgato Sound Capture provides a wide range of custom options.
  2. Incorporated into the Elgato Game Capture HD software.
  3. This audio recorder supports almost all video games.
  4. It works seamlessly with all Elgato Gaming products.


  1. The audio recorder is not available to macOS.
  2. Cannot capture sound from PlayStation or Xbox directly.
  3. It cannot record the screen independently.

3. How to Capture Screen Video with Elgato Sound Capture

Just as mentioned above, Elgato Sound Capture cannot record screen video or gameplay alone. If you want to record gameplay along with audio on your PC, you have to use both Elgato Game Capture and Elgato Gaming hardware. Just follow the steps below to capture the gameplay video with the audio files in high quality.

Step 1: Set up your Elgato Gaming hardware with your game console. If you only want to capture something on your screen, you can skip to the next step to capture sound from your computer.

Step 2: Open Elgato Game Capture HD on your PC, then go to the Capture tab on the right side and click the Elgato Sound Capture option to launch the recording features.

Step 3: There are several options on the top menu bar. The Team Chat menu can capture game team conversations, while the Music menu can record music on PC. Choose the PC Gaming option to record gameplay video.

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Step 4: Select the proper audio output from the Where do you want to hear your PC Gameplay dropdown list. Then select the right device from the Which output is your Elgato Game Capture Device connected to option.

Step 5: More options are in the Preferences dialog. And you can open it by hitting the Gear icon. Close the Elgato Sound Capture and start recording gameplay along with the audio.

1Why Elgato Sound Capture Not Recording Audio?

Here are some main factors you need to take into consideration. Make sure that Elgato Game Capture HD software is not mute. Maybe The computer is set to the wrong volume. Reset the Elgato Game hardware and check the system requirement for the Elgato Sound Capture.

2How to Fix Sound Delay for Elgato Sound Capture?

Elgato Sound Capture records video games on your computer using a USB 2.0 connection. If you play them live on your TV or other HDMI connected display, there should be a sound delay from life about 2 to 3 seconds.

3Why The Audio Available on TV, but Not in Software?

When the HD audio plays on the pass-through TV, but not in the Elgato Sound Capture HD software, some aspect of your Settings or Setup is probably incorrect. Just have the same check for the methods for not recording audio.

Part 3: Best Elgato Sound Capture Alternative for Screencast

Is there an easy Elgato Sound Capture alternative to capture HD audio files on your PC or Mac, especially for beginners? Screen Recorder is a versatile audio recorder with advanced features. It not only enables you to mix volume, enhance audio, and cancel noise but also works with Elgato Game Capture HD for recording HD audio files. Moreover, it provides multiple screen recording modes to capture gameplay videos, record microphone/system sound, record webcam, and capture phones with the original quality.

  1. Record gameplay and screen video along with the audio.
  2. No watermark, length limit, extra software, or other limits.
  3. Tweak the video area, audio setting, hotkeys, and more.
  4. Check the soundtrack, enhance audio quality, and reduce noises.

Win Download Mac Download

How to Record Screen Video with Audio

Step 1: Once you have installed Screen Recorder on your computer, you can launch the program on your PC to record screen video with audio. Go to the 3-line icon to choose the Preferences dialog and select to tweak the settings for recording audio files, such as the settings for system sound and microphone beforehand.

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Step 2: Choose the Audio Recorder button and select the desired audio device. If you need to record audio from Elgato Sound Capture, click the arrow next to the System Sound button and choose the device. If you need to add your voice to the recordings, you only need to enable the Microphone button.

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Step 3: Besides, it provides advanced settings, such as the Microphone noise cancellation option and the Microphone enhancement option to enhance the audio quality. Click the Sound Settings button, you can adjust audio volume, tweak audio delay, check audio settings, and more before recording audio files.

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Step 4: Click the REC button to record the audio files. Once you have captured the desired files, you can click the Stop button to save the recordings. After that, you can cut out the unwanted audio file, further edit the recordings, or even manage them with the Recording history window from the program directly.

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Here is a brief review of Elgato Sound Capture, in which you can find detailed usage about how to capture gameplay video, find troubleshooting, or choose an alternative solution to capture HD audio files. Screen Recorder is a versatile solution, which enables you to capture high-quality videos, enhance audio quality, and remove audio noise for different scenarios.

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Elgato Sound Capture – Fix Couldn't Initialize Elagto Audio Record (2024)
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