Ramla Ali vs. Avril Mathie Stats: Age, Height, Weight, Reach, Net Worth, Record, and More (2024)

Tomorrow, February 4, the spotlight will be on Amanda Serrano, the seven-division champion who aims to become the undisputed champion for the first time in her career. She faces the WBA Featherweight champion, Erika Cruz. The much-anticipated event will be held at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. One of the undercard events is the fight between British-Somalian Ramla Ali and Australia-born Avril Mathie. They would be fighting for the vacant IBF Inter-Continental Super Bantamweight title.

Ramla Ali Vs. Avril Mathie: Physical Attributes

Thirty-three-year-old Mogadishu, Somalia-born Ramla Ali fought her first professional bout against Eva Hubmayer on October 31, 2020. Ali won the fight via points. After that, Ramla Ali fought three bouts yearly, starting in 2021 and then in 2022. Last year, her final battle was against Crystal Garcia Nova from the Dominican Republic. She knocked the latter out in the first round of the bout. As of now, her records stand at seven wins against nil losses. Since only two of her wins came through knockouts, her knock-to-win rate hovers at 29%.

She stands five feet and seven inches tall. Since current weight details are not available and given the details of fixtures, it may be fair to assume that she meets the Bantamweight’s weigh-in requirements. Otherwise, per the available reports, she weighed around 55.6 kg or 122.6 lbs during the Crystal Nova fight. Unfortunately, details of her reach remain unconfirmed at this time.

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Thirty-five-year-old Avril Mathie was born in Sydney, Australia but currently resides in Miami, Florida. She fought her first professional bout nearly five years ago against Mirna Elizabeth La Hoz on February 24, 2018. Since then, the orthodox boxer has participated in nine matches, winning eight and drawing out one against Samantha Salazer. Three of her wins were knockout victories. Her last fight was on June 11 at Atlanta’s Center Stage against Judit Hachbold. She won the match unanimously. Her knock-out-win rate as of now stands at 33%.

Mathie stands at five feet and six-and-a-half inches tall. At the time, her weight and reach details could not be confirmed. However, as stated earlier for Ali, since the fixtures remain confirmed, one can guess that the Aussie-American fighter satisfies the weight standards of the division.

Ramla Ali vs. Avril Mathie Stats: Age, Height, Weight, Reach, Net Worth, Record, and More (1)

Other facts about Ali and Mathie

Ramla Ali created history when she won the first international women’s boxing match in Saudi Arabia on August 20, 2022. The bout served as a prelude to the highly anticipated “Rage on the Red Sea,” the mega-fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua. When not boxing, the thirty-three-year-old keeps herself busy with activism, modeling, and writing. Ramla Ali co-founded the Somalia Boxing Federation in Mogadishu. Later, as the first Somali female boxer, she competed in the Women’s World Championships held in New Delhi, India.

In 2018, she established “The Sisters Club,” a humanitarian initiative to provide a haven for women and other marginalized groups to study and practice boxing in the UK. In addition, in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Ramla pledged to donate 25% of her salary during her first year of employment.

Ramla, represented by “IMG Models,” has appeared on the covers of several international publications. Time, Spanish Vogue, and New York Times, among many others, have featured photographs of her. She has also been signed as an international brand ambassador by major brands such as Dior, Pantene, Cartier, and Nike.

Ramla Ali vs. Avril Mathie Stats: Age, Height, Weight, Reach, Net Worth, Record, and More (2)

Ramla’s debut book, “Not Without a Fight,” is a self-help guide based on her life’s ten most significant battles. Merky Books and Penguin Random House published it. Reports place her wealth in the vicinity of $1 million.


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Twenty years ago, Mathie’s parents kicked her out of the house at fifteen, forcing her to fend for herself. Despite this setback, she persevered and worked hard to achieve her goals. Upon graduating from high school, Mathie had intended to move to Miami, Florida, to pursue a career in boxing and modeling. However, she encountered numerous challenges, including securing a visa, finding employment, and finding a place to live.

Rather than giving up, Mathie established a successful modeling career and wmodelingMiss Swimsuit in 2014. Despite her lucrative modeling career, Mathie continues to compete in boxing for the pure love of the sport.

Mathie aspires to fight the IBF Bantamweight title holder Ebanie Bridges, another Australian and “OnlyFans” star. Provided she emerges victorious from her upcoming battle against Ramla Ali. The Aussie-American boxer revealed that she and Bridges initially planned a match for December last year. But it got postponed because Bridges sustained a hand injury during her mandatory title defense against Shannon O’Connell’s challenge. Avril Mathie’s net worth has been estimated to be approximately $200,000.


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What is your take on Ramla Ali versus Avril Mathie’s bout? Do share your views and opinions with us in the comments below.

Ramla Ali vs. Avril Mathie Stats: Age, Height, Weight, Reach, Net Worth, Record, and More (2024)
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